Faye Coral Johnson, Mike Sali Redmond:
Travelling Through Mayonnaise

Log #1 MSR FCJ – “Travelling Through Mayonnaise”

Launched: 2.11.17 > 29.11.17

Navigators: Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson

Location: Alpenhof, St Anton, 1110 m.a.s.l

Content Provider: Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Opening statement: “This is for those on this emerald planet whose minds are open enough to create a question and seek an answer.”

Mission: [1] Explore new materials [2] Survive new environment [3] Source interesting ideas [4] Dissect findings [5] Create interesting visuals [6] Follow the path to the unknown

Secret Mission: Who is Number 1?

Selected Findings: 2 figures back to back / a 2d pipe and smoke / a waiting room / steps leading to a doorway / a giant watch / an egg held between two fingers / a rope down the middle / an empty dining room / a long heeled shoe / a karate chopped tyre / an unusual bum shape / a variety of chairs / smudged faces / floating shoes / an arm turning into a snake / a squirrel shaped shoe / keys as ears / ears as keys / a bent saw / objects hiding in sleeves / a view of a window from a window / floating stones and rocks / a ghost in a sauna / wobbly pillars / a head popping out of pipe / double ended hammers / a cat standing up on back legs looking sad / a snake stealing a credit card / a twisted street lamp / double fear / a monkey in a sewer / a vase hitting a face / tools twisted together / everyone looking down / milky mist / a steam train clock / a shadow in the back / balloon legs / steam coming from heels / gas turning the corner / a shrunken moon / a fatal error

Recordings: Writings / Drawings

Future Explorations Based on Findings: Large Scale Paintings / Lampshades

Closing Statement: “The experience continues…”

November 2017
Text: Faye Coral Johnson & Mike Sali Redmond