Jimena Croceri, Sarina Scheidegger:
Nosotrxs, Cuerpos de Agua (Part II)

During the one-month residency Sarina Scheidegger and Jimena Croceri investigated the fluidity of glaciers in relation to (hydro)feminism, water rights and hydro commons within the library of Andreas Züst. In their performance “Nosotrxs, Cuerpos de Agua (Part II)”, Jimena Croceri and Sarina Scheidegger explored the fluid conditions which are inherent in our bodies, the sea, the waves, coconuts and glaciers. Through a variety of sonics, movements, texts and objects, they engender a sense of physical interconnectedness with its surrounding. Enacted through repetition the performance demonstrates the potentiality of intersections across difference and connectedness, between closeness and distance, between an inside and an outside.

They showed an extract of the performance at Material Zürich and then later on the performance was shown at Cabaret Voltaire Zürich and Raven Row Gallery London.

April 2019
Text: Jimena Croceri & Sarina Scheidegger