Oliver Griffin:
First stage investigation into UFO sightings & culture in Switzerland

During the period of this one month residency the following research proposal was completed by the Oliver Griffin
Archive. Researching Evidence of Extraterrestrials in Switzerland. Primarily looking into literature the Semjase
Silver Star Centre (S.S.S.C) & Free Interest Group Universal (F.I.G.U). Organizations based in Switzerland and
run by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier-Zafiriou a Swiss national. A an extraterrestrial contactee, who is responsible for
there two spiritual semi-religous international organizations. His ideas are based on some of some of the clearist
photographic images of UFO/ UAP activity known to this day, taken between 1975 to 1979, which he took
personally. This photographic ‘proof’ has be come part of our subconscious foundation of popular belief in what we
expect ‘Aliens’ to look like and can be seen with popular music to television series. Along with H.R.Giger, have
influenced how we think of extraterrestrial life in the extremes. All this information is readily available in the
retracted report that can be found with the Bibliothek Andreas Zust, Appenzellian St. Anton.

Also during this period of time, the following organisation was founded:
Extraterrestrial Material Recovery Unit (E.M.R.U.)
Motto: “You shoot em’ down, were pick em’ up

This covert unit was created for the exploration of humanity & artistic fascination. In the hope that in the future we
are in contact & retrieval of extraterrestrials & extraterrestrial materials from other world. In a peaceful and intelligent
way outside of Government or Military intervention & control. In the hope to subconsciously info public & popular
culture positivity. Founded at the Bibliothek Andreas Zust, Appenzellian St. Anton on the 9th May 2024, within the
idea to collect physically evidence to backing up creative theories out side of the public eye and to avoid universal
paranoia. Application is through invitation and peer review as in accordance of secrecy of the materials archived.

April 2024
Text+Fotos: Oliver Griffin