Virginie Gauthier, Christof Nüssli:

F(ai)tichism is about production and books. Books as objects of desire, subjects of an obsession which the collector Andreas Züst beautifully suffered of. F(ai)tichism is about manipulation of content, production of form and circulation of knowledge. It’s about the act of making (‘faire’ in French) triggered by the very eclectic, dense, sometimes useful, sometimes merely enjoyable knowledge contained in Züst’s library.

F(ai)tichism is a platform gathering 4 different outcomes, produced in 4 weeks, created after 4 different publications, subjectively picked within this very personal library. A restrictive selection built up around one common thread: the line.

Week 1: Line as a path
Selected book: ‘The Peruvian Ground Drawings’ by Maria Reiche, Kunstraum München E. V.
Outcome: A series of prints (+ bonus series of videos)

Week 2: Line, trace and measure
Selected book: ‘Grafik’, Sol Lewitt
Outcome: An installation

Week 3: The written line
Selected book: ‘Silence’, John Cage
Outcome: Two sound variations

Week 4: The straightening/straitening line
Selected book: ‘Minimo-Pendel und Widerstands-Apparate’, Dr. Caro
Outcome: A publication (+ bonus animation)

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April 2018
Text: Virginie Gauthier & Christof Nüssli