The Bibliothek Andreas Züst is offering studio residency stipends again in summer 2025. The length of stay is a total of five weeks. Application for the Studio Residency Stipend is open to national and international cultural workers (individuals or teams of a maximum of four persons) across disciplines — visual arts, literature, new media, music, theatre, design, architecture, film, photography, and art-related disciplines.

For the stipendiaries, the Alpenhof panorama lodge will provide for accommodations. Applicants must submit a statement specifying their specific interests and describing their motivation in seeking a residency. The Bibliothek Andreas Züst is especially seeking projects that deal with the library as a whole or one of its sub-areas. The Studio Residency Stipend program is to be considered in the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge in the sense of diversity. In short: the residency should entail research about what constitutes the fabric of our culture and also what goes beyond it.


The Alpenhof is an inspiring location for a retreat and working, with opportunities for exchange and relaxation. Situated at 1,110 m.a.s.l. overlooking the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance, here landscape conjoins with lingering; the Alpstein mountains with a sea of fog; Eastern Switzerland with overseas; traditional Alpaufzug (procession of cows on mountain paths) with astronomy. The Alpenhof itself, with its rooms, grand halls, terraces, and the music room, is open to guests from far and wide, as well as all kinds of encounters. Depending on the bookings, the Alpenhof can be either busily lively or peacefully quiet.

The residency on-site is self-organized. For each recipient of a studio grant, there is a private bedroom available. In addition, there is a shared studio available, as well as different areas throughout the Alpenhof for working quietly. Further facilities include: dining and living rooms, and the Bibliothek Andreas Züst. Accommodations, meals and use of the studio are free-of-charge, and travel costs are also covered. A separate request can be made for an additional subsidy for living costs of up to CHF 500.

Next Residency: 21 July – 30. August 2025
Open Call: October 2024 on Instagram and Newsletter
Applications are currently not accepted.
Stipend Recipients November 2016:
Marie Artaker & Margherita Huntley
Hanna Holtz
Dylan Spencer-Davidson

Stipend Recipients April 2017:
Amira Hanafi
Jessyca Hutchens, Anita Paz, Naomi Vogt & Nina Wakeford
Bianca Pedrina
Stipend Recipients November 2017:
Faye Coral Johnson & Mike Sali Redmond
Luisa Marinho & Miro Spinelli
Valle Medina & Benjamin Reynolds
Stipend Recipients April 2018:
Virginie Gauthier & Christof Nüssli
Jessie Kerspe
Justin Tyler Tate
Stipend Recipients November 2018:
Mabe Bethônico
Theo Firmo
Marianne Hoffmeister Castro
Stipend Recipients April 2019:
Jimena Croceri & Sarina Scheidegger
HEFT (Ina Römling & Torben Körschkes)
Luiza Leite & Tatiana Podlubny
Stipend Recipients November 2019:
Elina Birkehag, Rosita Kær & Anton Westbom Weflö
Rosie Eveleigh
Eunji Lee
Stipend Recipients November 2020:
Alex Aoki & Darelle Iro
Laurence Favre & Mirjam Landolt
Frauke Zabel
Stipend Recipients April 2021:
Amir Avraham & Daria Kiseleva
Fatima Benhamza
İpek Burçak & Eren İleri
Rodrigo Toro Madrid & Daniel Lara Ballesteros
Stipend Recipients April 2022:
Francesca Lucchitta
Grace Ambrose
Milva Stutz
Samar Al Summary
Stipend Recipients November 2022:
Marie Schumann
Monique Ulrich
Tabea Nixdorff
Vanessa Hartmann
Vida Rucli

Stipend Recipients April 2023:
Anthonie de Groot
Gianna Rovere
Johanna Himmelsbach
Pia Pachinger
Baltazar Pérez
Simon Lopez Trujillo

Stipend Recipients November 2023:
Freia Kuper
Gatis Murnieks
Hanna Döring
Maike Suhr
Marcel Hörler
Olya Korsun

Stipend Recipients April 2024: