Daniel Lara Ballesteros, Rodrigo Toro Madrid:
Wind Serendipity

For Daniel Lara Ballesteros and Rodrigo Toro Madrid, the residency meant the first collaboration between them, and an opportunity to join forces around topics that both had explored separately: randomness, and automatism.

On the one hand, Daniel researched the selection of Art Brut books in the library to interpret the images and compose sound pieces by means of synthesizers and rhythm boxes. In his words “…from my subjective vision I tried to relate equivalences of colors to musical notes, line styles to sustain, tremolo, glissando or decay, the general composition of the drawing to rhythmic sequences or successions of notes and other relationships”.

Rodrigo’s interest, on the other hand, lay in the characteristics of the landscape and the weather. He built a turntable activated by gusts of wind in the mountains, causing a sound reproduction always variable and unpredictable.

At the end of the residency the joint work “Wind Serendipity” was presented, which is a “site & time specific” experience, where a composition that can only be correctly reproduced under the influence of the wind is placed in the middle of the landscape to dialogue with the mountain and its invisible presences.

Text: Daniel Lara Ballesteros, Rodrigo Toro Madrid
November 2021