The Bibliothek Andreas Züst offers a variety of outreach / educational services. The program is committed to the idea that with such a personal library as the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, in the foreground is not the search for a single universally available publication, but rather the relationship between reading and the individual. As pointed out by Walter Benjamin — according to Matthew Battles — , even the most modest book has the potential to become a “book of fate”, depending on the relationship his or her owner develops to it. And, the Bibliothek Andreas Züst aims to open the possibilities for just this eventuality. To this end, we not only offer a studio residency stipend for cultural workers, but also for visitors, we provide tailored guided tours and workshops, as well as custom-designed programs for school classes.
Guided Tours

Tours can be booked on request, if desired, with coffee and cake. The tours are guided by either Bea Hadorn or Mara Züst. They are intended for interested groups and can accommodate specific needs. Price: CHF 100/guided tour; the cost of any refreshments is available upon request.


Under the category “Sammeln und Baden” various modules are offered for high school students [CH Oberstufe], confirmands, and for teaching staff as well. These educational modules endorse the premise that it is important–now, as it will also be in the future–that even youth are given opportunities and space for independent thinking at their early age. Thereby questions concerning conventional, so-called reality are to be addressed and treated.

Our underlying perspective towards this educational activity is that in addition to the teaching of the regular school curriculum, passing on “practical wisdom” or “thinking outside of the box” is crucial for youth and gives key, positive impulses for developing their own personal potential.

The goal is to encourage taking the risk of raising one’s own “voice” in a way that fosters personal self-recognition, which can lead as well to being discerned and recognized by others.

Today our heads are spinning as the echo chamber of the loud whooshing and hyper reality that is constantly humming and droning out there in the digital and virtual universe of the Internet.