The Bibliothek Andreas Züst offers a variety of out-reach/education services. The program is committed to the idea that with such a personal library as the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, the focus is not on the search for a certain author or text, but rather on the relationship between reading and human beings in general. As pointed out by Walter Benjamin–according to Matthew Battles–, even the most humble book has the potential to become a “book of fate” depending on the relationship his or her owner develops with it. Creating opportunities for this eventuality is just what the Bibliothek Andreas Züst aims to provide through a range of options including, e.g., customized tours and workshops as well as a specially created “DIY” [Do-It-Yourself] flyer for use by anyone and tailor-made possibilities for school classes.
DIY [Do-It-Yourself] Flyer

Artist and illustrator Julia Marti has developed and produced a unique, intriguing means of outreach in the form of a nine-part DIY [Do-It-Yourself] flyer series. In each part different questions are raised about the Bibliothek in a playful way, encouraging library visitors to become immersed and linger in the collection. The DIY is suitable for all ages of readers and writers. The DIY flyers are available to the public at the Alpenhof and can be used freely during the Bibliothek’s opening hours.

DIY [Do-It-Yourself] Flyer Sample

Outreach for Schools, Educational Outings, and Teachers

Our own specially created “pool” of outreach options called Sammeln und Baden [Collecting and Bathing] includes various modules for high school students [CH Oberstufe] and Konfirmandenunterricht [suitable as an outing for groups of young persons preparing for Protestant confirmation] as well as for educational staff. As a member of–Kulturvermittlung Ostschweiz [Cultural Outreach Network of Eastern Switzerland]–, we announce our standard options and proposals for workshops for schools at this website. By contacting us in advance, we can adapt any of the options through an exchange with you to accommodate your respective needs and expectations.

These outreach/educational modules endorse the premise that it is important now and will remain so in the future to create a space and opportunities for encouraging individual thinking, even at an early age.

The foundation of this engagement is our attitude that along with the teaching of regular school curricula, passing on “practical experience” or “thinking outside of the box” can provide youth with crucial and positive impulses for unfolding and developing their personal potential.

Private Guided Tours

Our tours are aimed at interested groups, specialists, and firms and can be tailored to accommodate specific themes and needs. The tours are guided by Mara Züst or the Team of Alpenhof.

Price: CHF 100/Guided Tour
Cost of Refreshments: Available upon Request